Izanagi Trading Bot

Registration process for those who already
have an XM Copy Trading account

**If your Copy trading (Investor Account) is created under our affilation, please disregard this page and go back to the homepage and proceed to the System you want to copy. The Izanagi Copy Trading systems are mostly available exclusively for accounts affiliated under us. If your Investor Account (Copy Trading) was not created under our affiliation, all you need to do is delete the current investor account and create a new one following the instructions below. Once deleted, kindly proceed to the instructions below. If your Investor account has funds or is copying somebody, it will be advised to stop the copying temporarily, transfer the funds to other MT4 or MT5 accounts available before you can delete the Investor account. This will take 24 hours to delete if the account was funded. After the deletion, please click on create new investor account button below.

If the registration process is too complicated for you, you can request a scheduled video meeting with our staff so we can assist you live during the video call.

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