Izanagi Trading Bot

Registrants with XM Account

For registrants who already have an XM account that is not under our affiliation or don't have an mt4 yet.

1. On the XM page, scroll down and look for the button that says “Already have an account? Login Here” and then log in your XM account.

2. Once in the Member’s Area, click “Open Additional Account” (Middle part of the page where you can see all your current accounts in XM)

 3.In  the ‘Set up your Trading Account’ page, please make sure you select these options.

-MT4, not MT5 as the Izanagi program only works on MT4

Under Account Type, select Micro

Trading Account Details: Leverage = Max (1:1000); Currency = USD; Then click Continue

Then Create a password for this MT4 account. It is advised to use a different password from the main account you created. Then click Complete. 

After creating the account, you will be shown your new MT4 account number and the server number. Please take a screenshot of it as these details will be needed in the next parts of the registration.


Click on Go To Members Area and you will now be able to see your trading account on your dashboard. You can then proceed to funding the account.

1. Log in XM’s website. : https://my.xm.com/member/login

Deposit a minimum of $500 to your XM account. Funding Amount starts at 500$ and increases by $500 increments. We recommend you use GCASH or Online Bank Transfer for the easiest options.

IZANAGI Trading bot Funding


IZANAGI is a program, it will have to run on a computer that has uninterruptable power and internet 24/7 and a Virtual Private Server (VPS) can only provide that. We have organized a sharing system to cut the cost on your end and it is now just 500 Php a month.

Initially, we will require at least2 months worth of VPS rental. (P1,000) payment is required. (Screenshot is needed). You may choose to pay the whole QTR, 6 months or 1 Year.

– Send the payment using the details below (Please take a screenshot of the transaction to be attached in the form on the next step)

G-Cash: 0917 888 73 12
BPI: 1359 6652 41
Account Name: John Reinel U. Penetrante
Lapu-Lapu Cebu



Please note : VPS payment is non refundable

2.  Bot Installation Request

Fill all necessary Details to this FORM and attached the screenshot here

Link:  https://bit.ly/3H89uEp

Discord is our official chatroom and if you need any support, updates or any questions, everything will be answered by us here. 1. Download The Discord App on your mobile phone or PC to get updates of your account.

Join by clicking the link below or click  “JOIN OUR DISCORD Server”

Discord channel : https://discord.gg/izanagitrading 2.  If you are new to discord, checkout the “starter guide” room in our channel and watch the video so you will be guided how to use it. 3. Request a role to access the rooms for all Izanagi users. 4. Check the “Installation Updates” Room for updates on your installation request. Always check the Discord to get updates of your accoun.  5. Admin will update you on the process of your account thru our Discord above. You can also ask our admins in the GC for any questions or updates. 6. Familiarize yourself with our FAQ Rooms in Discord while waiting for your Installation.  
If the registration process is too complicated for you, you can request a scheduled video meeting with our staff so we can assist you live during the video call.
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